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Early spring planting!!!!! Large plant Western Sword Fern- Native Oregon Pacific

Early spring planting!!!!! Large plant Western Sword Fern- Native Oregon Pacific

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These are well rooted crowns shipped in organic burlap sacs with native soil around the roots. This helps us keep the cost of our plants as low as possible and environmentally friendly.If you are looking for a larger plant please reach out and contact us Informing us what size plant you are looking for,how many, and the zip code we are shipping the baby plant to.We can then let you know availability, Answer any questions, and have an informative shipping costIn the reach out please let us know what size,Right now you will receive three or more fronds that are 12 inches: or more long ❣️A hardy fern: -USDA zones 3-8 outdoor planted-usda zones 3-11 patio indoor potted plantThis classic fern we find and harvest with sustainability right here off our own property, that has been maintained by the same family for the past 45 years☺️The long blades, fronds, grow out of a central crown. Each frond has alternating leaflets along the stipe. The distinct leaflets of this species are pointed, toothed, and have a characteristic lobe near their base, giving leaflets a sword-like appearance.  Each leaflet is attached by a small stem, rather than the whole margin of the leaflet. most likely to be spotted on a shady wooded trail, as an understory plant, almost like a border.tolerant of dry shade under dense growth of Douglas firs, western red cedars, and redwood trees, and shrubby bushes like rhododendron.holding very good traits for hillside erosion control, and as a ground cover.But keep in mind that it also is a highly versatile and useful perennial fern for a home garden.The Western sword fern pairs perfectly with Heuchera, rhododendrons, azaleas, and hydrangeas.While appreciating all degrees of shade, western sword fern will tolerate some sun as long as its roots are provided sufficient moisture, especially for the first year.Once established in the garden, sword ferns can grow to a sturdy ~three by three~ feet and be carefree. When they are established They become fairly drought resistant, very deer resistant, and add an evergreen textural interest to most garden spaces—but especially to a woodland, tropical, or zen garden.If good drainage is present, this fern can adapt to a range of soil conditions.Because dead fronds will stay attached all winter, unlike most leaves that fall off, you can cut them off in the early spring before new bright green fiddlehead shoots unfurl.****But keep in mind that it also is a highly versatile and useful perennial fern for a home garden.****** Divide western sword ferns in spring and transplant to other garden areas for enjoyment.**We are license through ODAOregon Department of Agriculture license number:AG-1063232NG❤️All shipment are made with the fullest amount of love and care ❤️
  • ODA Certified

    We are license through ODA

    Oregon Department of Agriculture license number:


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     If the shipping company can not verify the shipping address that has been provided

    we will reach out to contact you. 

    📦 📦 📦 We will need to verify the address, so that we do not have these little babies lost out there is the dark world of shipping. If for some reason we can not make contact with each other after one week 

    📦 📦 📦 we will issue a refund back to your account through Etsy. 

    And place the plants on hold for one additional week, unless contact is made😊

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    We will try to make all right with in our means, but in the unlikely even that your poor plant gets lost in the shipping 

    📦 📦 📦 we are not responsible for the package after it is in the possession of the shipping company. 

    we place insurance on all our packages, if there is an issue please reach out with details, and together we will get it resolved.This is why we reach out for address confirmation when needed,

    Put 100% love and care into packaging our little guys.

    And we use 2-3 day priority shipping with ins.

    But again please reach out if you are having a hard time receiving your package, and we will work through it together

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