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Tubed Sempervivum - Oddity *Ultra Rare*

Tubed Sempervivum - Oddity *Ultra Rare*


Oddity *Ultra Rare* extremely cold hardy  

hens and chicks succulent plants

Very hardy perfect for outside!!!

Sempervivum Oddity has leaves that curl

 into tube-like quills 

that are open at the ends. 

It is lime green with red to purple tips. 

It blooms very infrequently and forms a nice, weird clump.  

This is a rare find, 

and an absolute must have 

in your garden. 


Native to: 

France and Italy


very hardy 

can live in conditions 

down to -30˚F

ZONE: 4-10

Recommended light conditions: 

full sun



Bloom Color: 

pastel colors


Watering Needs Indoors: 

Instead of giving your succulents 

gradual sips of water 

throughout the week, 

give them a good soaking, 

to the point where water runs 

out the drainage holes 

at the bottom of the pot. 

Be sure to empty any water 

that runs into the saucer, 

succulents do not like to sit in water. 

Then let the soil dry out completely 

before watering again.


Watering Needs Outdoors: 

In the Summer 

water your succulents 

every two weeks, 

by soaking them 

and letting them dry 

before watering again. 

In the Winter:

water your succulents 

once a month.


Technical Information:

 • Requires bright light 

for most of the day. 

Or constant dappled shade.

 • Best to water every 2 weeks.


The first picture is an example plant.


These cute little  

3 inch guys are shipped out 

bare Root with a burlap sack jute 

 To keep the roots protected 

during shipping.

Limited supply

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