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Pre-order huckleberries

Pre-order huckleberries


These are shipped in organic burlap sacs with solid to protect the roots: Equivalent to 1 gl container. This helps us keep the cost of our plants as low as possible and environmentally friendly.

Cutting were clipped from the beautiful mother plant right here off our property (shown in the pic.)in the fall of 2018.

These cutting are rooted out and now in one gallon pots.

The leaves, tiny with a light soft green that is oval shaped. Delicately grow from the numerous twigs that run along the branches. When new growth appears the leaves have a bright reddish to orange glow that sits among the dark green aged growth giving it a striking appearance through out the growing season. In the spring time they get little white to pinkish bell shaped flowers, resulting in a tiny blackish purple sweet treated berry.

Just a little side note:

Remember This delightful Pacific Northwest Native, evergreen shrub, being that it is edible is to make an excellent pie or jam!

All shipment are made with the fullest amount of love and care ❤️

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