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Parodic Concinna sun cup cactus- clustering cacti

Parodic Concinna sun cup cactus- clustering cacti


These cactus are about 2inch ball in a two inch pot

Parodic Concinna

Sun cup cactus

Tomato cactus

Parodia cactus

Is a small solitary clustering cacti is native to southern Brazil and Uruguay. This clumping variety approximately reaching 5” height and 4” wide. Rated for zone 10 this cactus will not survive a frost. Full sun light to partial shade, or a bright window in the cold months. The more sun exposure or bright light will help promote its large showy yellow flowers. Typically the cacti will have multiple blooms per season.

These cacti are shipped out in the pot they are in for you.

The cacti in the picture are the plants we are shipping out

We practice all of our packing with earth friendly tactics,

and recycled pots.

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