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Opuntia Cacanapa- Hardy prickly pear- eatable fruit

Opuntia Cacanapa- Hardy prickly pear- eatable fruit

These cacti sit about 6-8 inches tall in a 5 inch terracotta pot 

Opuntia Cacanapa 
Hardy prickly pear
Spineless prickly pear
Native to the southern US and Mexico: hardiness zone 7a to 10b
Large flatten stems resembling a beaver tail. This multi branching shrub forms a bush standing about 3-5’ in height and width
Prefer full sun to partial. Easily maintained as a house plant in a bright window, thrives in well drained soil. Blooming through the summer months with a beautiful and abundant showy yellow flower; producing an edible fruit. The leaves and berries are used in many local cuisines. 
 These cacti are shipped out in the pot they are in for you.
The cacti in the picture are the plants we are shipping out 
We practice all of our packing with earth friendly tactics, 
and recycled pots.
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