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Small family owned  organic nursery: Located out in Beavercreek, Oregon.

Constantly working to be self sustainable, striving to always demonstrate earth friendly practices.

Instead of fighting natural circumstances; 

avoiding unnecessary resources;

we actively choose to work with nature

resulting in many benefits for our beautiful planet



 Family Owned!!

❤️Exotic, Ornamental, Medicinal 
plants ❤️

Preparing for a better tomorrow. At SavageFamilyFarms we grow our plants and herbs with your health and wellbeing in mind, and the organic practices we use guarantee the plants are nothing less then happy from our home to yours.


SavageFamilyFarms 101

Taking Plant-Based to the Next Level

From our first day, SavageFamilyFarms has been committed to providing top quality plants; products; and the best customer care. We are proud to be a small bussiness that practices using no plastics in our shipping and organic practices in our fields and greenhouses.


Contact Us

Reach out to schedule a walk through!!!

We are here to help!☺️
If you have any question about products, or answers for plants you wish to find, please feel free to reach out

16812 S Howards Mill Rd
Beavercreek, Oregon, Clackamas County 97004

(503) 706-4233

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